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Ashapura Innovation and Knowledge Centre located at Navi Mumbai caters to the development activity as well as process optimization for our products. Our strategic alliances with global leaders, give us access to leading technologies and this knowledge is complemented with our own indigenous findings, tailored to meet the customer's needs.

Our R&D team implements pivotal activities such as Chemical Characterization of Materials, Digestion of the Samples, Mineralogical Characterization, Morphological Analysis, Surface Analysis, Organic Analysis, Temperature Programmed Desorption & Catalyst Life Cycle Evaluation Rig.

Resource Development

The foresight, expertise and the wherewithal to source and acquire mineral resources within India and overseas has played an important role in supporting the group's existing ventures and driving its diversification into other minerals and value-added products

Research & Product Development

We develop our abilities to work across domains so that our clients may benefit from our shared skill sets, shared resource base and may use us as a common solution provider for all their product needs.

Ashapura's multi-disciplinary R&D team tackles complex issues and highly challenging projects, by working with customers through the entire product development cycle, right from the research & development stage to commercial production.