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Broadly speaking Bleaching Earth finds use in following fields

  • Refining of Vegetable oils
  • Refining of hydrogenated Vanaspati ghee oils, Margarine & shortening
  • Refining of Animal Fats like tallow oil, fish oil, lard oil
  • Refining of Mineral Oils like
    • Insulating oil
    • Rolling oil
    • Lube oil
    • Waste oil
    • Industrial triglycerides and fatty acids used for paints, varnishes and soaps
    • Paraffins and Waxes
  • Decolourising by removing colour pigments like carotenoids, chlorophyll, Pheophytine
  • Removal of gums (phospholipids), FFA and soap contents and traces of heavy metals in vegetable oils
  • Reducing and Controlling different oil parameters like Peroxide value, Anisidine value, UV-absorption value.FFA contents etc.
  • Purification of Aromatic Compounds in case of mineral oils & waxes and removal of Sulphuric acid, Tars acid, Sludge, Sulfonic acid etc.
  • Other Applications like
    • Bleaching of Sulphur
    • In Effluent treatment plants